Grang Opening of
European Taoist Association
28th September 2017 - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA) Italy
A new begining... E.T.A. and Nan Wudang headquarter wish everyone peace, prosperity, health and Happiness. Fu sheng wu liang tian zun
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In the name of peace and friendship the visit to Sardinia of the Grand Master You Xuande, one of the greatest Martial Arts Masters and leader of Taoist philosophy and culture.

He inaugurated in QuartuSant’Elena (Sardinia, Italy) the European Taoist Association, that aims to spread the values ​​of Taoism in Europe, such as peace, respect and solidarity. At the Ceremony there were Taoists from all over Europe and the officials of the Chinese Embassy in Italy, Mister ZHANG CHI, Culture Manager and Mister LIU Q, Secretary of the Political Section.
On behaly of the city of Quartu, the COMPAGNIA DEI CARABINIERI DI QUARTU raepresented by the Major Valerio Cadeddu, Maresciallo Francesco Cantarelli and Brigadiere Franco Fresu, besides attending the Ceremony, welcomed the Chinese Delegation to the home of Via Milano and showed them the various operating departments. Legality and the importance of rediscovering fundamental ethical values ​​for better civil cooperation were spoken about. Principles that Taoist culture promotes through its innumerable arts such as meditation and martial arts, healthy disciplines aimed at the pursuit of psychophysical balance. G.M. You Xuande in his capacity as Director of the International Exchange Department of the Province of Hubei and Member of the Chinese Political Consultative Department of Huangang City, thanked guests for the great sense of hospitality demonstrated and invited them to China.

There was great partecipation during the Conference on Taoism held at Sinnai at the Civic Theater where G.M. You illustrated the Ten Commandments of the taoistdisceple. There was also the Major MatteoAledda with whom there was an exchange of gifts.

The Workshop, in front of the magnificent Capitana Sea scenery, was held between Kung fu and meditation to demonstrate that to practice Taoist martial art, essentially defense, it is necessary to practice meditation in order to have full control of mind and body.

These aspects were resumed and deepened during the visit to the Official Circle of Cagliari where G.M. You was received by Admiral Francesco Sollito, Chief of Support Logistics Command of the Military Navy in Cagliari, and by other Officers and Officials. Much curiosity about the combination of martial art and health. G.M. You explained that all Taoist arts, including Kung Fu, have the primary purpose of pursuing the well-being of the mind and body because physical work is always accompanied by mental work.

The meeting with the Vice-President of the Palestinian Community in Europe, Dr. NabeelKhair, invigoreted for the words of peace and friendship used by the two leaders who stressed the importance of bringing peace words to this difficult historical period.

During the visit in Sardinia, G.M. You has accompanied by his students, Masters Zhou Lican, Vice President of the Taoist Association of NanWudang, YouLizong, President of the Beijing Wudang Association, and Dr. Mariana Cheung, Secretary General of the Wudang Association of Hong Kong.

Their visit in Sardinia was strongly desired and organized by the Martial Arts School “WudangYouXuandeDandaoInstitute” of the Masters Alessandro Marcialis and Sabrina Pili who also hold the office of President and Vice President of the EuropeanTaoistAssociation.

Grand Opening of

Taoist Union of Spain

You Xuande
Basque Country (Spain)
Meeting of Italian Taoist Church. Master Li Xuanzonng (14° Generation WudangPai) Daoshi of "Temple of Great Harmony" (Caserta - Italy) You Weicheng (Excutive President of ETA) and You Weimiao (Deputy President of ETA 16th Generation WudangPai). A great day for Taoism!!!
16 - 17 December Caserta Italy
Meeting of Italian Taoist Church
Patronage by E.T.A
Workshop of Wudang Taiji Quan
Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan
by Wudang You Xuande Dandao Institute
(offiacial ETA Network Member)
Quartu Sant'Elena (CA) - Italy
17th of march 2018
18th - 22nd of April 2018
With the patronage of European Taoist Association has been held in Sardinia (Italy) the 3° Friendship Tournament of Wushu Kung fu. It is a youth competition reserverd to children and teenagers (4-16).
3° Friendship Tournament -  Italy
7- 8 april 2018
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