Grand Opening of

Taoist Union of Spain

You Xuande
Basque Country (Spain)
Patronage by E.T.A
Workshop of Wudang Taiji Quan
Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan
by Wudang You Xuande Dandao Institute
(offiacial ETA Network Member)
Quartu Sant'Elena (CA) - Italy
17th of march 2018
18th - 22nd of April 2018
With the patronage of European Taoist Association has been held in Sardinia (Italy) the 3° Friendship Tournament of Wushu Kung fu. It is a youth competition reserverd to children and teenagers (4-16).
3° Friendship Tournament -  Italy
7- 8 april 2018
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With the patronage of European Taoist Association
Feng Shui
the ancient Taoist Art to harmonize the energies in your home
6th of october 2018 Quartu Sant'Elena (CA) Italy
The workshop will be held in the headquarter of E.T.A. chaired by ETA Segretary General
Architect Annalisa Lozzi
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