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A delegation of E.T.A. led by President (Taoist Priest) You Lizong met Deputy President of Chinese Taoist Association Taoist Priest Zhang Fenglin and the Chief Officer of International Religious Affairs Mrs. Feng He. E.T.A. delegation was completed by the presence of Vice Presidents You Weimiao and You Weicheng. Topic of discussion was the divulgation of Taoism in Europe.
25th September 2018
E.T.A. visits Chinese Taoist Association
All PEOPLE welcomed to join us…

E.T.A. Founder Grand Master You Xuande once said
"Taiji Quan will save the World". E.T.A. support "World Taiji and Qi Gong Day" created 20 years ago by Mr. Bill Douglas.
"World Taiji and Qi Gong Day"
27th of april
☯️⭐The 3rd day of 3rd month lunar calendar (7th of april this year) is the birthday of Xuanwu Dadi who is the Taoist Emperor of the West. bringer of blessed rain which gives life to the earth. He is the Patron of Wudang Xuanwu Pai and dear to a lot of Taoist Schools. We all wish Happines, luck and Health.
Fu Sheng Wu Liang Tian Zun - May Heavenly Blessings Be With You⭐
for Xuanwu Dadi
in varios part of Europe
☯️☯️☯️⭐⭐⭐This weekend (17/18/19th of may) has been held in Albi (France) the first Official Meeting of Wudang Pai You Lizong's (President of E.T.A.) Disciples. You Weimiao, You Weicheng ,You Weiling (Italy) and You Weijun (Spain) had been dear guests of You Weiri (France)⭐⭐⭐☯️☯️☯️
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