With the patronage of European Taoist Association
Feng Shui
the ancient Taoist Art to harmonize the energies in your home
6th of october 2018 Quartu Sant'Elena (CA) Italy
The workshop will be held in the headquarter of E.T.A. chaired by ETA Segretary General Architect Annalisa Lozzi
Wudang You Xuande Dandao Istitute organizes
Wudang Pai Europe
Great Event in November
Grand Master You Xuande
(Founder of European Taoist Association) and
Master You Lizong
(President of ETA) in France
31st of July 2018 - The date of birth of the 17° Generation of Wudang Pai Europe.

In Italy (Cagliari - Sardinia) in the headquarter of European Taoist Association has been held the first "17th Generation Disciple's Acceptance Ceremony" of Wudang Pai Europe.
The five new official members of Wudang Pai are
:Xilong 希龍Xifeng 希鳳Xiji 希吉Xixiang 希祥Xirou 希柔, disciples of You Weimiao and You Weicheng (16th Generation of Wudang Pai).
A delegation of E.T.A. led by President (Taoist Priest) You Lizong met Deputy President of Chinese Taoist Association Taoist Priest Zhang Fenglin and the Chief Officer of International Religious Affairs Mrs. Feng He. E.T.A. delegation was completed by the presence of Vice Presidents You Weimiao and You Weicheng. Topic of discussion was the divulgation of Taoism in Europe.
25th September 2018
E.T.A. visits Chinese Taoist Association